Nooka Spongebob Watches (Images courtesy Nooka)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s hard to believe that Spongebob is already 10 years old, but it’s even harder to believe the Spongebob brand has teamed up with Nooka to help commemorate his anniversary! That partnership has resulted in 3 different Spongebob-themed watches including the ‘SpongeBob ZenV Aluminum Spongenvader’, the ‘SpongeBob Zub ZenH 20 Spongelevator’ and the ‘SpongeBob Zot Aluminum SpongeBamo’. The watches seem to sport rather subtle designs (compared to other Spongebob merchandise) but according to the Nooka website there are distinct similarities between the designs and the cartoon character.

The linear nature of the graphics on all three watches represents a common geometric theme in both the SpongeBob character and Nooka’s design concept, while the bold colors of the watches are reflective of Nooka’s own color pallet and the official colors of the SpongeBob cartoon.

So if nautical nonsense be something you wish, you can buy all 3 watches from the Nooka website for $275, $175 and $250. (Left to right.)

[ SpongeBob ZenV Aluminum Spongenvader, Zub ZenH 20 Spongelevator & Zot Aluminum SpongeBamo ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]