By David Ponce

We’ve been big fans of Nooka for some time and have written about their products on several occasions. And while the watch as a timekeeping device may be a dying breed, we firmly believe it’s one of the few ornaments men can wear without wandering into metrosexual/douche territory. We happen to like the look of Nooka’s latest design, the ZIZM.

The ZIZM’s unique faceted crystal lens produces a refracted view of time on the ZenH display. This faceted surface creates a pattern that continues throughout the entire design of the timepiece including Nooka’s first silicone strap. The Zizm is sized by cutting the silicone strap to create the perfect fit for each wearer.

It’s $375 and the company is taking pre-orders now. It comes in black and blue and starts shipping October 24th. Hit the jump for two more pictures.

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