‘Nude’ App Automatically Detects and Protects Your Filthy Photos


Every person has been in that situation where you hand your phone to someone to show them a hilarious picture of your friend Derek being an idiot, and suddenly you remember those pictures you still have hanging around on your phone. You know the ones. And you’re thinking ‘For the love of God, don’t swipe’. Your forehead starts sweating bullets until that glorious moment when they hand your phone back to you.

Now you can be at ease with Nude (that’s its name, seriously), an iPhone app which automatically scans your library using AI learning to detect naughty parts, and once found, hides a copy in a password protected library on the app itself. The app then deletes the original from your library and from iCloud. Sounds odd, but don’t worry, the photos are never sent to ‘Nude’ servers. Instead, the app uses image recognition on the device itself, never allowing the images to leave the phone.

Now, I know none of our readers have anything like that going on in the photo libraries, but in case you were wondering the app is available now, its free to download and costs $0.99 per month. Maybe now you can show Nana your vacation photos from Lake Titicaca, without worrying about her seeing…Well, you know.

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