NuMetrex Men's Cardio Shirt (Image courtesy NuMetrex)By Andrew Liszewski

If you find those heart rate monitoring chest straps to be less than comfortable when exercising you’re not alone. Claudia Shultze felt the same way but she decided to use her skills as a chemical engineer and her work with textile electronics to produce a line of clothing that not only keeps track of your heart rate but is also comfortable to wear.

The NuMetrex clothing uses special sensors that are actually knit into the fabric allowing them to remain in contact with the body at all times even during extreme physical activity. The heart rate data from these sensors is relayed to a small transmitter that’s carried in a pocket which in turn wirelessly transmits the info to a special watch that allows the wearer to see their heart rate in real time. It’s a pretty good idea whether you’re an athlete training for a real marathon or a non-athlete like me training for a ‘Star Trek’ marathon on TV.

The Men’s Cardio Shirt pictured above is available directly from the NuMetrex online store for $58.95 by itself. But you’ll also need the transmitter and watch for it be actually useful which adds another $130 to the price tag.

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