By David Ponce

The joys of the intertubes are many and plentiful, and among these are things like Nyan Cat, the wonderful soaring cat with rainbows coming out its behind. So great is he that you can access an Easter egg in the latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) that features 8-bit Android doing the Nyan Cat, sadly sans the psychedelic music. Get your Nexus out, because here’s how to see it:

To access the treat you’ll have to head into the settings, neatly accessed via the notifications bar in Ice Cream Sandwich. In the “about phone” section you’ll find the details of the Android version. Tap repeatedly on “Android version 4.0.1” and you’ll get the 8-bit Android with an Ice Cream Sandwich body. Now, to take this to the next level, press and hold on 8-bit Android and he’ll grow, like Mario, into a super Ice Cream Sandwich Android man and start flying across the screen, with his buddies, in a huge Nyan Cat-style onslaught.

If you didn’t follow any of that, just watch the below video.

VIA [ Pocket Lint ]