Volkswagen Snow Sleds (Images courtesy VW)
By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 11 (Image property of OhGizmo)As kids we always tended to prefer the traditional wooden toboggan for our sledding needs since after applying a bit of ski wax to the underside we could attain a pretty good speed for plowing into fences, cars or whatever else we ended up veering towards since we had no real way to steer. Thinking back it’s obvious to me that winter is the perfect season for such activities and not only because of the snow (which is kind of necessary) but also because the numbing sub-zero temperatures made our injuries seem far less serious than they probably were.

Today’s kids though will probably never enjoy the reckless endangerment of careening down a snow covered hill since companies like Volkswagen seem to be sticking their safety-minded noses where they don’t belong. I mean look at this series of sleds VW has released. Not only do they have steering wheels and padded seats but brakes too! You’re not supposed to brake when sledding! Two of the sleds, the Lenkbob Snow Future GTI and the Snow Flyer Herbie even take some vague design cues from their full-size counterparts the Golf GTI and the Herbie Beetle.

The VW sleds range in price from about $40 up to about $143 for the top of the line GTI model but as always the Fahrvergn?gen is included at no extra price.

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