Oh Buoy, Something To Keep Your Keys From Disappearing In The Lake


By Jonathan Kimak

I like being out on the water in a boat, be it a kayak or a speedboat. I’m usually pretty good about keeping all my valuables safe from falling overboard and sinking to the bottom of the lake where it will stay forever. But even though I’m careful, it would be nice to have some extra protection, and this is where the Water Buoy comes in handy.

This little device looks like a standard key chain but if (or when) it gets submerged underwater it inflates a balloon that will float it and whatever it’s carrying to the surface.It also has an LED light that will start blinking for up to 24 hours. It can hold up to 1kg(2.2 pounds) so in addition to holding your keys it could hold onto your cellphone or any of your other beloved gadgets. Of course the electronic devices might still be damaged from even a few seconds in water. But at least you’ll be able to retrieve it and have a chance at repairing the damage.

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