It’s not that I think I have a great voice or anything. Far from it. But I’m actually digging subjecting y’all to my melodious intonations; to make sure you get in on the fun, I’m going to prod you with a little giveaway. The below voice post contains a secret word. Email that word to “ogcontests at gmail DOT com” and get one chance to win a $25 gift certificate to ThinkGeek, everyone’s favorite geek store.

Aside from that, what can you expect to hear? A quick blurb on Steorn, the free energy nuts. And a sad tidbit on Richard Branson’s tragic incident in the desert a few hours ago.


  1. To whom may need a brain, Steorn is not the first to invent this same technology, it has been around for over 100 years. How much is your power bill? gas?? that profit goes to people that enjoy your hard earned money, and they block this technology from reaching the public, that mixed with a few scientists that truly have no imagination left. Take two magnets and notice they repel each other, put that repelling/attraction motion into creating energy, quite simple really….
    or try magnet motor/ tesla/ free energy machine etc in google….

    and we have been holding our breathe hoping that steorn can do what thousands of inventors world wide have no been able to do…. bring it to the public…..
    now go restart your brain with this new input…..