amazon kindle

By David Ponce

You might have heard by now, but Amazon just released its attempt at resuscitating the e-book market with an amazing little device called Kindle. It’s got a truckload of really cool features, like auto-updates through EVDO, with the cellular service included permanently with your purchase. While the device itself looks like it’s been hit with the ugly stick a couple times, Amazon has streamlined the content delivery system so well that this may become the “iTunes for books”. And, yeah, we’re part of the blogs Amazon offers a subscription to!

So, this little post is to let you know we’re currently ranked #4 in “Gadgets, PCs and Consumer Electronics” and #14 in “Internet and Technology”. That’s unacceptable, people! Sure, pretty much no one actually owns a Kindle yet (since they’re just now being delivered), so the numbers are bound to change. But still. For $2 a month, you can have OhGizmo! content loaded up on your Kindle, ready to read while eating your bagels or buttery toasts or whatever it is you guys eat in the morning. Sure, you could read it for free right on your PC, but what kind of a gadget freak would that make you? Huh? So let’s get these numbers rolling.

[ OhGizmo in Kindle’s Marketplace ] and [ Product Page ]


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