This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette at Sam’s Club for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember when I started shaving, over 20 years ago, the best you could get was maybe a two-bladed razor with a tiny strip of lubricaton.  Then as time passed, three-bladed razors came out; the thinking seemed to make sense: if two blades are good, three must be better!  And it was.  Then four-bladed razors hit the market and I thought surely there must be no need for that.  What can four-bladed razors do that 3 blades can’t?  Well… it turns out, sometimes more is better.  You got a smoother, cleaner shave with less tugging.

Well, I’ve been playing with Gillette‘s newest Fusion ProShield razor for the last few days, and I’ve come away more than impressed.  Yes, it’s sporting not four, but 5 (count’em!) blades! But more importantly, it packs two generous strips of lubrication before and after the cutting material.  This, along with one precision trimmer on the back, make for the smoothest, silkiest razor I’ve used, ever.

I went to Sam’s Club to get the pack with 9 blades.  That’s enough replacement cartridges to last up to 9 months with regular use.  It was my first time using a razor from Gilette’s Fusion line, and the first thing that struck me was how nice it felt in the hand.  It’s a relatively heavy razor, made from plastic and metal, and feels very balanced.  The blade swivels back and forth, and the Flexball allows for side-to-side movement, which contours your face and allows for a closer shave.  I found the amount of resistance the spring-loaded mechanism gave to be just right, strong enough to apply adequate pressure when shaving, but not so to resitant as to cause discomfort. The lubrication strips are placed before and after the cutting blades, and make quite a difference in your shaving experience.

Speaking of which, shaving with the Gillette Fusion ProShield is a pleasure.  The blades glide smoothly over your skin and you feel barely any tugging or pulling on your hair.  You only need one pass to get a clean shave, although going against the grain smooths it down even further.  Thanks to the lubrication strips, doing this is pain free.  The precision trimmer then lets you get in very close to the edge, making it possible to create crips lines when you wish to do so.  It’s a single blade, so of course it’s not recomended to remove more than a couple of milimters at a time with it.

Despite the fact that it’s a five-bladed razor, running water through it thoroughly cleanses it and hairs don’t clog it up at all.  Changing cartridges is straightforward, and a plastic holder at the back of the carrying case holds up to 5 of them at a time.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.  Gilette’s got a solid product with the Fusion ProShield. 

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