DVP642 Divx playerWe the good folk at OhGizmo! would never condone such illegal activities as downloading movies from the internet. To do so would be tentamount to murdering whole film carpenter’s families, as some commercials make explicitely clear. That being said, I find it necessary to write a couple of lines about the best darn Divx enabled DVD player on the market right now.

It’s the Philips DVP642. Why the best? Well, it plays Divx and Xvid is why (as well as regular DVDs)! And it’s 70$; 50$ refurbished. It’s been out for a while, and there are quite a few other players that do the same thing out there. Still not at this price though.

The DVP642/37 version (it also comes in 642/17 flavours) will happily accept DVD+ or – R/RW. This means you can fit up to 6 movies on one disc. Or any combination of movies, MP3s and JPEGs. And it has an option for progressive scan for those of you HD enabled.

It’s not flawless, as there are a few minor issues of compatibility with certain Xvid encoding settings. Also, you’ll get the occasional headache trying to get subtitles to work. Yet, all in all, marvelous little piece of hardware. I’d know, I own one myself.

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  1. I like my DVP642 also, not perfect, but plays 95% of all the .AVI files I have tried. Using Roxio, I have found that ISO9660 works but Joliet has problems…

  2. I also have one of these and while it generally does a good job of playing back xvid and dvix it does have sme really annoying quirks. If the xvid has Qpel or GMC it won’t play. Also the avi files have to be encoded in a standard format or ditto, no play. But it’s not a bad macnine for 70 bucks.

  3. The DVP642 or 630 sucks because the chipset in it. I have a cheap other player with the MediaTek 1339 chipset instead of the ESS Vibratto in the philips, and the chepo plays everything. Everything I tell you! So return anything with ESS in it…

  4. I don’t know what Per’s problem is because I own one of these DVP642’s and I think that’s it’s the next best thing to sliced bread. As for the Xvid problems it was never desined to play them at all. It playing the ones it does play is just icing on a perfict cake.

  5. You kids want a Divx / Xvid capable DVD player? i have 3 words for you: Xbox Mod Chip.
    My Xbox has became my whole entertainment center, i can watch any DVD, any avi file, with subs, no hassle, and plus, i can play games… and its hard drive its very easy to upgrade.