OLED Solar Cells


OLED Screen (Image courtesy Mse.nthu.edu.tw)
By Andrew Liszewski

Researchers at Cornell University have found a way to build OLEDs that can work like solar panels but still keep all the usual functionality we’ve come to expect from them like being thin and flexible.

Normally OLEDs take electricity and turn it into light in a very efficient manner, but the process can apparently be reversed where the OLEDs can now turn light back into electricity. Of course the possible applications for an OLED screen that can also generate power are pretty exciting. Imagine a cell phone with a bright but energy-efficient screen that also recharges itself when not in use. Or windows that collect energy during the day and function as lights at night.

For now the researchers at Cornell are just in the beginning stages of this technology and admit that it will be some time before the solar cell OLEDs are efficient enough to be actually useful.

[VIA EcoGeek]