Olympus USB Voice Trek


Olympus Voice Trek G-10 (Image courtesy Olympus)By Andrew Liszewski

If there’s any of our readers who actually use voice recorders on a daily basis for work or as a memory enhancer / replacment this Olympus Voice Trek could be of interest to you. While it can only record to the WMA format it is capable of playing back both WMA and MP3 files in the usual sample and bit-rates. The biggest feature of the Voice Trek is the built-in USB jack allowing you to offload recordings and other files onto any USB-capable PC. No special cables or card readers required.

While the 256Mb of memory seems a bit small with the device set to LP mode (lowest quality) it can actually record almost 69 hours of audio. Of course anyone intending to use the Voice Trek and its MP3 playback capabilities as an iPod alternative will probably find it quite limiting.

While I couldn’t find any pricing information you can read more of the Voice Trek’s tech-specs on the Google-translated Olympus website. (Warning: extreme engrish alert.)

[Olympus Voice Trek G-10] VIA [Fosfor Gadgets]


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