Drawing Passengers

What do you do when you’re on a bus or on the subway? When there are no sights to see outside and you’re bored with all the apps on your phone (including the game that cannot be won, Flappy Bird), what is there left to do?

At this point, I just take a quick nap or listen to some music, but what artist¬†October Jones¬†does is play a game. He sketches up a new head for other passengers and then holds them up over the actual person’s head to show what a good fit the new head is. You can check out more of his on-the-go artwork after the break.

Drawing Passengers1

Drawing Passengers2

Drawing Passengers3

Drawing Passengers4

Drawing Passengers5

Drawing Passengers6


Check out more on his Twitter feed. The one he did of real-life Waldo is my favorite from the entire series. What’s yours?

VIA [ io9 ]