By Chris Scott Barr

Last year we told you about OnLive, a service that was supposed to let you stream video games to a far less powerful machine. I’ve been keeping a skeptical eye on this, waiting for it to vanish, much like the Phantom console (which was a similar product from a different company) before it. However, this one just doesn’t seem to be going away. In fact, the video above seems to show off just how viable this service appears to be.

Being able to run games like Borderlands on the iPad is unrealistic under normal circumstances. However, with their streaming platform, they can fire it up and run it, and it’s playable (though the controls would need some work). While they haven’t actually confirmed whether or not they will release the service for the iPad, it does show that virtually any machine will be able to run the games offered. Right now you can sign up for their Founding Members Program, which gets you a year of the service for free. Definitely looks like something worth signing up for.

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