By Shane McGlaun

Before the netbook revolution, if you wanted a tiny and very portable computer you had to go with a 12-inch notebook or move down to the even smaller UMPC often sporting screens of 7-inches or so wide. The catch was that the tiny computers offered keyboards typically only suitable for thumb typing.

Among the UMPCs on the market was the OQO Model 2. At CES 2009 OQO unveiled its Model 2+ that added an Intel Atom processor and offered a touchscreen as well. The machine was slick, but still had the tiny thumb keyboard that was a deal killer for me.

Those who liked the UMPC may be saddened to hear that OQO is now saying that the odds of the Model 2+ ever seeing production are very slim. The company is in very poor financial shape and has even been forced to cease warranty and services operations. That means anyone who owns an OQO machine already can’t get warranty service should the need arise. OQO says it is working on a solution to the service issue.

[ Via BoingBoing Gadgets ]