Outdoor Home Theatre With Reversible Display (Images courtesy Electronic House)
By Andrew Liszewski

Personally I’ve never had the desire to watch a movie in someone’s backyard but apparently the demand does exist. Harmony Interiors of Asheville, NC created this outdoor home theater for a dream home at the ‘Cliffs at Walnut Cove’ golfing community. It’s actually installed on the home’s well appointed back porch and uses a SharpVision Z3000 projector in conjunction with a Draper rear-projection screen. The idea is to allow you to enjoy a film while sitting on the back porch or while putting on your own private green.

There’s not much innovation here unless you consider flipping the image on the projector an amazing breakthrough but when it comes to outfitting a new home with the latest gadgetry I suppose this fits the bill. A Bose AV 38 Media Center inside the house is used to feed movies, music and HD cable to the projector and speakers on the porch as well as weatherproof speakers on the lawn. And when you need the porch for other activities or when it’s raining the screen and projector are both motorized allowing them to retract into the ceiling.

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