Pac-Man Bookshelf


By David Ponce

We find it interesting that as time goes by, retro gaming seems to be gaining in popularity. Maybe reviving and cherishing the roots of modern gaming is an increasingly appropriate way to stay grounded in a day where liquid cooled twin SLI graphics cards are a must to achieve maximum graphical prowess. To think that we could get a kick out of a machine with the computing power of a modern calculator tickles the geek mind. As a result, games like Space Invaders and the grand-daddy Pac-Man hold a special spot on our hearts and the above 3D Ghost Shelf becomes an object of desire. It’s supposed to hold books but that honestly looks kinda messy. Doesn’t matter though, whether you put books in it or just keep it as wall ornament, it’s awesome. It measures about 30?(H) x 28?(W) x 4? (D) and it’s kind of expensive: $342.

We want it. Now.

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