Pac-Man Table Is Retro Chic That Would Look Good In Your Living Room


When looking for design themes to deck your place out with, you can rarely go wrong with retro gaming. 8-bit characters, Space Invaders, Pong… everyone’s welcome, and especially Pac-Man. One Thanasis Mokas, a woodworker, feels the same way and he’s put his money where his mouth is by creating the above coffee table. While it’s far from being the first such table, we like the way Thanasis has put it together and the care he’s taken to match colours and make some stools to go along with it. We only wish we knew if it can even be bought; Thanasis created his Facebook page on September 5 and it only features pictures of things he’s made and no purchase information. Still, more pictures and a link to the page are after the jump, so you could always go ask him about it.

[ The Facebook Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]