By Chris Scott Barr

It’s been really hard to see Palm as anything other than a dying brand for quite some time. After the Foleo idea went south, it looked like the company was finished. Luckily they still had one ace up their sleeve, and that’s the Pre. I’m an iPhone user, and I’ll admit that I am intrigued by this device. No, I won’t be tossing aside my phone any time soon, but it might just be able to give Apple some good competition.

Palm and Sprint have finally decided to grace us with an official launch date for the device. It’s quite apparent that they’re wanting to take Apple head-on, since that’s only two days before the WWDC. Will their gambit work? We’ll know in a few short weeks. Starting June 6th you’ll be able to pick the Pre up at Sprint stores (including, Best Buy Radio Shack and even select Walmart stores for $199.99.

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