Panasonic DY-PS10 Pocket Media Server (Images courtesy Panasonic)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you live in Japan, or have some means to procure one from that country, I wouldn’t get too excited about Panasonic’s new DY-PS10 compact wireless media server. Because thanks to wireless restrictions in other parts of the world, it can only be sold there. The svelte, black monolith of a device looks like a portable hard drive, but it’s got no storage of its own on board. Instead, there’s a slot for SD, SDHC or SDXC memory cards, built-in wifi and a rechargeable battery.

The idea is that you take the SDXC card out of your other Panasonic products, like cameras, camcorders, DVRs and then slap it in the DY-PS10 where it’s then streamed over wifi to portable devices your iPhone or iPad. A 64GB SDXC card can hold about 88 hours of standard def video on it, and the 1,400mAh battery runs for about 10 hours after a 4 hour charge. It will be available September 15, again, in Japan only, for ~$192 (¥14,800).

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