By Evan Ackerman

Party Timer

By day, the Party Timer is a mild mannered digital clock. But as soon as it detects an appreciable noise level, it starts displaying different predictions (nine in total) of what sort of party is going on, based on the average noise level. After the jump, have a look at all nine possible parties, and learn exactly what reaching the “Atom Party” level implies for your hearing and the lifespan of your hamster.

Party Timer Displays

Let me throw some numbers at you… A rock concert is usually around 110 decibels. My bagpipes peak at about 120. Pain threshold for sound is around 130. A jet engine during takeoff might hit 140. The “Atom Party” level of 160 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage (and may kill small mammals). Beyond that, we’re getting into the realm of space shuttle launches (or, according to the Party Timer website, “atomic warfare”). So yes, you should of course view that “Atom Party” level as a personal challenge. Alas, it only seems to be an exhibition piece, but that’s probably a good thing for your hearing.

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  1. I think if you need a digital device to find out how awesome your party is then the only screen it needs to have is: Nerd Explosion.