Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device (Image courtesy Gizmag)By Andrew Liszewski

In yet another attempt to prevent electronic banking fraud, two companies, Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies, have jointly developed this next-generation transaction card that promises to provide a whole new level of security.

At a glance the Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device looks like your standard banking debit card, except of course that it has a tiny display and a 10 digit keypad. The idea is that instead of entering a PIN or authorization number into a web browser or ATM that could be compromised, you use the card and its own secure system. As an example a user could enter their PIN number into the card and be provided with a one-time use numeric passcode. To authorize a transaction that passcode would then be entered into a device where it would be validated through an authentication server, allowing the transaction to be completed.

While I have no idea when a card like this would actually be available to consumers, it is apparently being shown at various trade shows so it’s not just a concept.

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