Paytouch Lets You Buy Stuff Using Your Fingerprints



Paying for stuff just got easier with Paytouch. Of course, it’ll depend on the number of establishments that will choose to roll out the system in their stores, but the premise of the technology is simple: you pay with your touch. Basically, Paytouch links your credit card information with your fingerprint so all you have to do is have the machine scan your fingerprint whenever you want to make a purchase.

It completely eliminates the need to carry cards anymore. Heck, you could even do without carrying a wallet when you go out anymore, since all you’ll need are your fingers (which happen to be conveniently attached to your body).

The system wards off pickpockets and seems like a safer option when it comes to payment systems. The only thing you’ll be in danger of is overspending since Paytouch makes buying stuff so quick and easy.

VIA [ Dvice ]