PC Dice (Image courtesy PCDice)
By Andrew Liszewski

You don’t need years of training in some fancy college to troubleshoot a sick PC. Not when you can simply throw a handful of dice and have just as much chance of discovering what the problem is. This set of 3 ‘Vegas-quality’ dice has random PC symptoms and solutions printed on each side, so the next time your boss has a problem with email, you can show them you’re really earning that IT department salary.

If you’re curious, the blue die includes the words Install, New PC, Upgrade, No Idea, Quit and $$. The green die includes Virus, Spyware, Modem, Video, Network and Reboot. And the red die includes Windows, Unix, Linux, Wireless, Wired and Mixed. Just think of it as a Magic 8 Ball for the tech world.

And while you’d think the PC Dice is something you’d find at ThinkGeek, they actually have their own dedicated website and are available for $26.99 per set.

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