PedalPower+ (Images courtesy PedalPower+)
By Andrew Liszewski

In the olden days, bicycle dynamos were really only used to power safety lighting on a bike. But in these modern times a cyclist can be using everything from a GPS device to a cellphone to an MP3 player while they’re out for a ride. So the PedalPower+ system safely harnesses the power generated by an AC dynamo and turns it into a safe DC source where the current is regulated and the voltage is consistent enough for electronic devices to be recharged.

The PedalPowerr+ system uses either a bottle dynamo (pictured above) which is relatively easy to install, or a hub dynamo which will probably require the assistance of a bike shop since it requires a re-spoking. But it’s flexible and modular enough that it can also be adapted to a pre-existing hub generator if your bike is already equipped for power. And during the times when you’re not riding, the battery charging unit can be easily removed and used to trickle charge your gear until your next ride, or until the battery is depleted.

[ PedalPower+ ] VIA [ Gizmag ]