Worm Robot

An ‘attack’ proof robotic worm? What will the government think of next?

The Pentagon has reportedly teamed up with a group of universities to develop a robotic worm that’s immune to attacks from, say, a sledgehammer. Dubbed as the ‘Meshworm’,┬áthe robot looks like a bunch of rolled-up electronics that work together to crawl and creep along like earthworms do.

So out of all the creatures they could’ve chosen to base their robot on, why’d they choose the earthworm? As they say, the structure “allows the machine to be made of soft materials so it can squeeze through tight spaces and mould its shape to rough terrain.” That’s scientific-speak for saying that the robot’s got potential to become an indestructible spy–but we’ll see.

Hit the jump to check out a clip of the Meshworm in action.

[ MIT ] VIA [ Geekologie ]