By Evan Ackerman

Professional gamers know: optimizing control inputs means maximizing damage, and maximizing damage is the most important thing that there is in life. The Peregrine gaming glove contains an array of touch sensors on the thumb, fingers, and palm, and lets you control your game with simple touches instead of using the keyboard. The point? It’s faster, more intuitive, and more convenient, and pro gamers say (or at least this one told us) that it makes a huge difference:

The glove is attached to your computer by a break-away cable, and as far as your computer is concerned, the glove is just a keyboard. So, you basically just have to bind motions to keys or combinations of keys using the included software, which makes the glove potentially useful for anything you want, not just gaming. It only comes in left handed at the moment, and is thankfully washable.

Obviously, the Peregrine isn’t going to work that well if you’re playing a lot of FPS games, in which case those left-handed WASD keys are in use just about all the time. But for games where precise and continuous movement is less important than being able to execute different tasks quickly, the Peregrine glove could give you the edge you need to be awesome. Or to just not totally suck.

You can preorder the Peregrine for $130 on their website, and you should get it sometime early this year.

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