periborgBy Bruce Eaton

In an effort to get revenge by turning Americans into lazy gluttons, Eiji Morikawa has set out to Periborg everyone!

He?s a 28 year old electrical engineer that has designed a range of, well, stuff, for gamers. He calls the range Periborg – part peripheral, part cyborg. They are designed to make the gamer?s life easier.

Check out his arsenal:

1) Obacha-Break-an airhorn that will destroy an opponent’s hearing, rendering you the winner at anything with voice commands.

2)Cocolo-Con-a heart monitor that will let your parents tell whether or not your stinky, stinky corpse is alive or dead after a 86hour game-a-thon.

3) Ore Commander-[Already featured here. -Ed.] not pushing the A button fast enough in Track & Field? This baby will cyberize you to a 20 click per second rate.

4) Shock-C-this actually useful ditty will let you eat without leaving any grease on the controllers.

And the best for last
5) Electric-Wang Show-it conveys messages about your… ahem… status.

Not currently available.

[Periborg] VIA [3Yen]

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