PermaFLOW (Image courtesy core77)
By Andrew Liszewski

It might not have wifi, Bluetooth or even a built-in camera, but as someone who recently spent a most unpleasant afternoon trying to remove a bowl of chili that was dumped down the drain in my kitchen, the PermaFLOW is easily the coolest gadget I’ve seen all week. It’s a replacement sink trap that improves the standard design in almost every way. First, it’s see-through, which means if the sink isn’t draining like it should, you’ll be able to see why. Secondly, its unique design and shape increases the turbulence of the water while it’s draining, which minimizes buildup. And thirdly, it’s got an easy to use knob which turns an internal wiping mechanism that should easily clear up any clog. Brilliant.

The PermaFLOW is available from PF WaterWorks in different configurations for kitchen or bathroom sinks, and ranges in price from about $40 to $50.

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