Pet Care Clock (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Ok, so maybe simply multiplying by 7 isn’t the most accurate way to gauge your pet’s age. In fact, university studies have shown that depending on the size and breed of your cat or dog, they could be anywhere from 2x to 7x the equivalent human age, which complicates things a bit when it comes to crunching the numbers. Thankfully though, this Pet Care Clock from Sega Toys is designed to do the difficult math for you. It’s your standard LCD desk clock that shows the time and date, but once you enter your pet’s birth date and specify their approximate size, the clock will also show you their supposed age. (Calculated with a variety of different formulas.) And if you’re the type who likes to celebrate a pet’s birthday you’re in luck. In theory if your dog is aging 7x as fast as you, they should also have 7 birthdays a year, and this clock will actually alert you to every single one of them so you can remember to pick up a gift and a cake on the way home.

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