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Philips Cellphone Supports AAA Protocol

By Evan Ackerman

Philips Xenium

No matter how much we like to prattle on about amazing new power sources, the fact is that conventional batteries are about as cheap and easy (and universally available) as it gets. Sure, it’s great to have gadgets with built in rechargeable cells, but that ties you down to either an outlet or carrying around yet another accessory that you rarely use. The Philips Xenium NRG handset has a built-in AAA battery slot that can be used to charge the primary phone battery on the fly, yielding an extra 3 hours of talk time. Even better, you can use rechargeable AAAs, and plugging the phone in charges both the phone battery and the AAA battery.

Philips claims that the Xenium NRG “does not compromise on design and form factor to enable the BackuPower feature.”

VIA [ Mobilewhack ]