Philips LivingColors Lighting Concept (Image courtesy Philips)By Andrew Liszewski

At the Simplicity event held by Philips in London a few months ago the company showed off a pretty impressive collection of concept ideas plus a few products actually destined for production including the LivingColors lighting system.

Using LED lights the system allows for a nearly infinite range of colors to be selected using a simple but effective touch screen remote. The idea of course is to use the lights to create a unique mood or atmosphere in your home that can either be matched to how you’re feeling or used to influence it.

I’m not going to argue the effectiveness of this idea because I’m sure it works for plenty of people but it does make me wonder about Philip’s odd obsession with colored lighting these days. First they come out with the Ambilight backlighting feature on their flat-screen TVs and now this. Did the CEO just get back from a year long sabbatical on some hippy commune surrounded with lava lamps, tie-dye and other… um… distractions?

Either way the LivingColors lighting system is actually set to be launched in select markets in early 2007 and if you’re really interested you can check out a short video of the lights and remote in action after the jump.

[ Philips Simplicity Event – LivingColors ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]


  1. I like the way Philips (and more CE producers) is thinking. Instead of making us drool with all sorts of prototype products, they actually release a lot of them in selected markets and small number. Instead of only targeting mass consumers, they are creating a diversion in their products, sort of testing the markets in a more practical way.
    I like that.