Philips Airfryer (Image courtesy Philips)
By Andrew Liszewski

T-fal’s Actifry requires just a spoonful of oil to whip up a batch of delicious golden french fries, but Philips might have just one-upped them with their new Airfryer that uses “little or no oil” to cook traditionally fried items like fries and pastries. The appliance was just unveiled at IFA, so specific details about what foods will require a touch of oil and which can be ‘fried’ up oil-free haven’t quite been revealed, but a press release mentions the use of “Rapid Air technology to circulate hot air around a grill component, creating delicious meals with up to 80% less fat.” If it turns out that I can cook a decent french fry without the need for any oil it’s going to revolutionize how many meals I eat with fries. (Hint: All of them.)

[ Philips IFA Announcements ] VIA [ Gizmag ]