Phun (Images courtesy Emil Ernerfeldt)
By Andrew Liszewski

I usually try to leave the timewasters until later in the week when people have had a few days to get some actual work done, but this one’s just too fun to put off. Phun is basically a 2D physics playground program created by Umeå University student Emil Ernerfeld as their Computer Science thesis. While the goal of the software is to be educational and teach physics concepts like friction and restitution, it also encourages creativity and ends up being remarkably addictive. I could go on explaining why the software is worth checking out, but this YouTube video demonstrating what you can do with it is probably more convincing.

And the best part is that Phun is available as a free download as long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes. You can find the links to the Windows and Linux beta versions here, while a MacOS version is hopefully coming soon.

[ Phun – 2D Physics Sandbox ] VIA [ Fazed ]


  1. You know, I found out about this 3 days ago and was about to send an email to you guys about it. Nice work putting it up on the site though. replaced the catapult with a gun yet? 😛