Pi Can Wirelessly Charge Your Device Up To A Foot Away


Wireless charging is quickly becoming more mainstream, especially since Apple recently announced its inclusion on the new iPhones. But as great as it feels to lay your phone down on a pad and have it charge without plugging it in, it can still be a hassle having to lay it perfectly on a pad or else the phone won’t charge, as well as the phone not being able to charge when you pick it up briefly to respond to a message.

Well, wireless charging may soon be taken to the next level, as a group of MIT alumni have created Pi, a small desktop device that uses inductive charging to wirelessly charge multiple devices up to a foot away. It works in similar way to standard wireless chargers, but uses a new magnetic-field algorithm to align the magnetic field with your device, no matter its orientation. With this innovation, the device can also charge up to four devices at full charge or more devices for a lowered charge.

The only downside is that the device requires a special phone case, but hopefully the tech can be built into phones, much like Qi wireless charging. The Pi isn’t available yet but the company plans for it cost under $200 when it is made available.

[ Pi ] VIA [ PopularMechanics ]