Pico Projector

By Evan Ackerman

Back in January, the Pico Projector seemed borderline too good to be true. Then, Motorola signed up for the hardware, and finally we get a look at a bright, svelte, preproduction version stuffed into something about the size of a cellphone. According to Sean Captain from Popular Science, “seeing really is believing with this tech. Point the Pico at any even vaguely flat surface–a wall, someone’s back, the palm of your hand–and it’s movie time.” The version in the video below is a prototype that uses red, green, and blue lasers and a digital micromirror array (ultraminiaturized DLP technology, basically) to pump out a bright picture. The production version will probably rely on LEDs which are cheaper, cooler (in the thermal sense), and more efficient, but most likely a bit dimmer.

You should see this in some sort of production cellphone sometime next year, believe it or not. Take that, iPhone.

[ Microvision Pico Projector ] VIA [ PopSci ]