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Pig E Bank With Savings Display

Pig E Bank (Image courtesy Science eStore)By Andrew Liszewski

Am I the only one who thinks this piggy bank looks a lot like an old Silicon Graphics O2 tech demo? There has to be someone out there who remembers that chrome toaster right?…

Moving on, this 21st century piggy bank not only has a slick polished silver finish but it will actually keep track of the money that’s been deposited. As you insert coins a running total will be displayed on the LCD screen and the bank will also tell you the total. (Plus many other “fun” voice responses.) To make a withdrawal instead of reaching for your trusty hammer all you have to do is press the pig’s nose to retrieve your coins.

This slotted pig is available from the Science eStore for $24.95 but if you really want to teach your kids about the value of a dollar and saving money an empty jar will probably work just as well. And it’s free.

[ Pig E Bank ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]