By Shane McGlaun

I have several iPod accessories around the house and each time I dock my iPhone I get that wonderful “this accessory is not iPod compatible” message. That little message means you can’t place calls while the iPhone is docked in the accessory, but I assume calls will still come in. I haven’t had that happen yet.

Pioneer has announced a new A/V receiver series that are certified to work with the iPhone and iPod touch. The receiver models include the VSX-819AH, VSX-919AH, and VSX-1019AH receivers. Users can plug their iPhone or iPod into the receivers and use the full-color GUI to browse album art and control music playback from across the room with the A/V receiver remote.

The receivers will auto mute the music when a call comes in and are all compatible with HD audio making them perfect for use with your Blu-ray player or PS3. One of the best features of the new line is that they are cheap. The lowest cost model supports HD sound and sells for $299 with the most expensive model selling for $499.

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