Place Setting Placemats (Image courtesy Donkey Products)By Andrew Liszewski

Is there anything more embarrassing than accidentally placing the salad fork where the fish fork belongs at dinner? Or mixing up the bread plate and the soup plate? You might as well disappear from the social scene altogether if you make a faux pas like that.

But rest assured, if you use these place setting placemats, which provide a detailed blueprint of where everything is supposed to go, you’ll never have to deal with those disapproving stares from your guests during dinner again.

From what I can tell they’re available for about $27 each (19.95 €) which is a little steep, but I imagine you can just order one, set a place setting, and then pull the old ‘tablecloth out from under it’ trick and repeat the process.

[ Donkey Products – Place Setting Placemats ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]


  1. When you're done setting up the table you can do those table trick where you try and pull the cloth out from underneath without dropping everything. That will be cooler.