Plantraco Micro Butterfly (Image courtesy Plantraco)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think the biggest advantage to flying a tiny RC plane like the Micro Butterfly from Plantraco is that because they’re so light (2.6 grams flying weight) they do little to no damage when they inevitably crash. And when I say tiny, I do mean tiny. The Micro Butterfly has a wingspan of just 3.5 inches and a prop that’s just 32mm in size, and thanks to a ‘body’ made of durobatic foam and carbon fiber the batteries that go in the 4 channel fully proportional remote control are probably heavier. But we all know you always pay more for less, and the Micro Butterfly kit will set you back $149.99 from the Platronic website.

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  1. Does this thing have pretty good resistance? My son is 11 and really is fighting me for one.. it's So expensive though! Any reviews on it yet??

  2. Are these going to be pretty durable? I have an eleven year old son that is begging me for one… but with the cost, I'd like to know how easily they break. Any reviews on durability?