By Luke Anderson

I’m pretty sure that almost every kid has had that dream to one day design their own video games. After all, when you spend so much time playing those games, surely it wouldn’t be that hard to create your own, right? Of course when you get older you realize just how much time and effort going into the creative process, which can be very overwhelming for even the simplest of games. Some do actually go on to work on their own creations, starting with small games, probably in the older 8-bit format. Sure, it’s cool bring over your creation on a flash drive, but what if you had your own console?

The Fuzebox is a small 8-bit console that has all of the inputs and outputs you need to play your own custom games. The DIY console is based on an AVR 8-bit general purpose microcontroller, while the coding is done is C. There are two versions of the kit, one just has the bare circuit board and parts, while the other includes an enclosure, power adapter and a controller. They will each run you $70 and $100 respectively. My biggest complaint? They have the Player 2 controller port upside down.

[ Adafruit ] VIA [ Technabob ]