Plazmatic X Lighter Would Be Cool, Even If It Wasn’t On Special… But It Is



The Plazmatic X Ligter is awesome. It lights cigarettes using two criss-crossing sparks of electricity. It’s windproof. And it’s on special.

No one likes wasting money on lighter after lighter. That’s why this dual-beam, eco-friendly lighter is more than a pretty face. It’ll save you cash on disposable lighters, save the environment from piles of plastic, and accompany you on all your adventures, no matter the weather. Plazmatic now features a longer-lasting battery and quick charge time to deliver a reliable light at all times.

Featured in Maxim’s 2015 Gift Guide!

– Designed w/ the iconic “X” lighting mechanism
– Specifically engineered w/ a wider lighting surface to light anything (cigars, hemp wick, candles, incense & more)
– Works in the windiest of conditions & water resistant
– Recharges via USB
– Saves you money spent on disposable lighters, wicks & fluid

It’s normally $70 and considering what a niece piece of kit it is, we’d be happy to pay that. Now it’s 49.99, with free shipping.


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