Plug In & Enjoy Speakers (Images courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

A decent stereo system is a pretty essential part of throwing a great party but unless you’ve gone to the trouble of wiring speakers throughout your whole house the music is going to be limited to only a couple of rooms at best. Designer Jinseup Shin has created a pretty simple and flexible solution to this problem with the Plug In & Enjoy speaker concept.

Roughly the size of a power adapter the speakers plug into any outlet and are designed to receive an FM signal from your stereo, iPod, cellphone or anything else that can be connected to an FM transmitter. Once plugged in you turn the front part of the speaker (which acts like a knob) until if finds the signal coming from your music player. Once the signal is located an LED light will turn green. If it has found the correct station simply wait 3 seconds until the LED turns red at which point the knob will control the volume instead. And if full volume is not loud enough you can simply plug in additional speakers in the same room.

[ Plug In & Enjoy @ Yanko Design ]