pluma redesigned gas tankBy David Ponce

If the shiny future SciFi writers have been promising us for years is ever to come to be, we need to start paying attention to how ugly some of the items in our lives actually look. When was the last time you eyed your propane tank, thinking “Hey, that thing looks good!”

Yeah, we didn’t think so. So that’s why we’re pleased to see the Pluma, a redesign on the ole gas tank by Portuguese design firm, Brandia Central. This work gave them the packaging design Gold in the 2006 Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

Of course, it might take some time before it makes it to store shelves, but it’s a comfort to know that some people are at least thinking about these things.

VIA [Core77]


  1. Pluma, Propane Tank Redesign…

    Everyone out there has a propane tank sob story. You know, you host a big Fourth of July bash and everyone comes over and catches a glimpse of your ungodly ugly, white propane tank and leaves the party, stealing your……

  2. The big thing about this propane tank is not the design, it’s the weight, “pluma” it’s fether in portuguese. It’s really light tank, and they got this comercial on tv, where a sexy blound model carrries the tank without any dificulty.

  3. Illegal to refill a tank in the U.S.? I live in California (which is still in the U.S. I think), and have refilled my propane tank so many times I’ve lost count. Where have you heard that it is illegal?

  4. I used to own a propane company in So Ca and as long as the tank was certifed and not damaged we could fill them all day long. My company must have refilled closed to a million tanks over 10 years.

  5. If this tank uses the same kind of valve system that other tanks do, you are putting your life in danger by using it. It is legal (at least I know it is in California and Texas) to refill a propane tank, but the older the tank the more likely the valve is to fail (and without any obvious warning signs). My father died from asphyxiation when he unhooked an old tank from his grill and put it in his car to take in for a refill. The tank leaked, and he was overcome by the gas and died.

    I only use charcoal now. Propane grills are just too dangerous.

  6. In portugal, the gas tanks are refilled by the gas companny itself. We simply return the empty tank for a full one, paying only the gas. if you have no tank to exchange, then you have to pay a returnable fee.

  7. Well, it may take a while until it becomes available in the US or some other country, except Portugal. This kind of propane tanks are almost obiquous in Portugal and everyone is getting one of this.

  8. So um…. not sure what country you’re from Jason, but you’re about 100% dead wrong.

    Sorry for your father, but it wasn’t propanes fault, it was user error. I fill propane tanks and I’ve never heard of one killing anyone, it’s always some yokel who doesn’t know how to transport a tank safely that gets killed.

    Also, AFAIK, IANAL, it’s legal in every state in the USA to fill a propane tank that has a new style OPD valve on it (overfill protection device) and they’re completely safe and INTENDED to be refilled.

    I have filled everything from a 12 pound backpackers tank to 12,000 pounds of gas for a hot air baloon event with no trouble.

    Get your facts straight.

    p.s. these tanks will be in the US in 8-12 months. they have a very high quality valve on them.