So, since you got an iPod, you blissfully broke away from the iron shackles of CD ownership. No longer did you have to trawl your massive collection of disks everywhere, bent over like Quasimodo. It was liberating, to say the least.

PlusDeckBut, tell me my friend… do you remember what you used to listen to, before you even discovered CDs? Have you forgotten all the hours of melodious delight provided you by your ever faithful cassettes? They haven’t forgotten you, even if you have. They’re still around somewhere, gathering dust, and they would like nothing more than an opportunity to make the jump into that shiny white box you now so lovingly carry around with you everywhere. Dont you feel sorry for abandoning them this way?

Well now, my friend, you have a chance to make things right. With PlusDeck from Korean manufacturer BTO, you can ressussitate those tapes and make MP3s out of each and every wretchedly forgotten track. It fits into a 5.25 inch bay drive on your computer. It makes WAVs or MP3s. It’s compatible with Win 95 to XP.

So as you see, there’s really no excuse anymore.

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