By Ryan Nill

Just as I predicted in 2004, here is a chair whose seat is made entirely of plush pandas. It is probably disgustingly expensive, in addition to be disgustingly cute. But it is also limited edition, so some enterprising person will either have to go for broke or end up gluing little sister’s entire collection together. It’s your choice.

Made by design group Estudio Campana in Brazil, it is apparently commentary on complex socio-economic ideals. I am torn between dearly wanting one of these and my extreme disgust for people who make art and then write an essay on it.

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[ Moss ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]


  1. The chairs started out at $12,000, then 15,000, but there was no talk of them being limited editions.

    Then in May07, a dolphin chair [ed. of 35] sold for $50k at auction, which frankly seemed fishy. That’s about when the smaller edition [25] pandas showed up with “price on request.” There were also some Disney versions shown in London in the winter.