Pocket Night Vision Scope with Infrared (Images courtesy Brando.com.hk)
By Andrew Liszewski

Because you never know when or where night vision technology will come in handy (like keeping an eye out for movie theater ushers who might not be cool with your bootleg movie business) Brando is now selling this pocket-friendly night vision monocular that’s just under 7 inches long. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries and weighs just 350 grams but it allows you to see what’s going on in complete darkness up to 150 meters away. You’ll also notice the included lens cap which is apparently very important since removing it anywhere but in a dark place could actually damage the Hi-Tect Night Sensor it uses.

You can get if from Brando.com.hk for $179, though it seems to be a popular item since they’re out of stock at the moment.

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