Cheap-Monday-Pocket-Operators-Micro-SynthesizersWe’ll admit we don’t know much about synthesizers, but we like the idea that a product seemingly as small as this could allow someone to make electronic music on the go. About the size of an iPhone 6, the Pocket Operators come in three flavours: ” the “Rhythm” operator is a drum machine, the “Sub” is a base line synthesizer, & the “Factory” provides a selection of melodies.”

The SUB is a bass line driven synthesizer. It’s got a 16 step sequencer with 16 sounds and 16 effects/playing styles.

Type: Pocket bass line synthesizer and sequencer

Key features:
– Real synthesizer engines
– Sequencer
– Parameter locks
– 16 punch-in effects
– 16 punch-in styles
– Built-in speaker
– 3.5 mm audio I/O
– Jam/Trigger sync
– LCD display
– Folding stand
– Watch + alarm clock
– L 10,5 cm x W 6 cm

All Pocket Operators can be sync to each other or to external gear.

That’s the description for the SUB Pocket Operator, but features are similar for all. They cost all of £49, which is about $74USD.

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