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Pocket Viewer Magnifier

Pocket Viewer (Image courtesy first STREET)
By Andrew Liszewski

I hate doing maintenance on my parent’s laptop whenever I’m home because they keep the screen resolution at a ridiculous 800×600 so they can easily read things. I don’t complain though because I’m sure some day the endless hours I spend behind a computer screen will guarantee my need for glasses too.

Of course for some people glasses just aren’t enough and reading any kind of print is nearly impossible. You could always carry one of those pocket magnifying lenses with you but since this is OhGizmo we of course have to endorse the high-tech approach. This Pocket Viewer looks like a beefy PDA but only serves the purpose of magnifying whatever you place under its camera. The large screen is also capable of showing a white on black view, a black on white view or a full color view depending on what works best.

Sadly while the Pocket Viewer could benefit a lot of people the $899 price tag is probably not covered by any HMOs.

[ Pocket Viewer @ first STREET ]